Sarie (3:51 PM) :
Ryan (3:52 PM) :

Ryan (3:52 PM) :
Who R u?

Sarie (3:52 PM) :
Do you live in Tianmen?

Sarie (3:53 PM) :
My name is Sara

Ryan (3:53 PM) :
no.I live in Wuhan

Ryan (3:53 PM) :
Sara I am glad to meet you

Sarie (3:53 PM) :
Do you go to Wuhan University? Glad to meet you too.
Sarie (3:54 PM) :
I taught English in Tianmen. I visited Wuhan many times to go shopping.
Ryan (3:54 PM) :
That Great,wish to meet you in Wuhan

Ryan (3:55 PM) :
I study at HUST

Sarie (3:55 PM) :
I live back here in California now.
Sarie (3:55 PM) :
What do you study?
Sarie (3:56 PM) :
Have you ever been to Tianmen?
Ryan (3:56 PM) :
Computer Scienceist
Ryan (3:57 PM) :
I have some friend living there

Sarie (3:57 PM) :
Wow, very neat. Do you like it?
Sarie (3:57 PM) :
I taught at the Tianmen Experimental School.
Ryan (3:58 PM) :
O,that’s good,R u Chinese?

Sarie (3:58 PM) :
No, White .
Sarie (3:58 PM) :
Ryan (3:59 PM) :
Computer is my love~~hehe ~i’ve my owen website

Sarie (3:59 PM) :
I miss China sometimes. I really like the food!
Ryan (3:59 PM) :
HOHO,I Guess right
Sarie (3:59 PM) :
Will you try to work in America?
Ryan (4:00 PM) :
yes,but i don’t konw how to there
Sarie (4:00 PM) :
After you are finished with school you’ll have to look for a job here.
Ryan (4:01 PM) :
I Can do websites and some softs
Sarie (4:01 PM) :
Very cool.
Ryan (4:02 PM) :
I’ve no way,it’s not easy to go to US
Sarie (4:02 PM) :
I know. Its hard to get a visa.
Sarie (4:02 PM) :
Its very easy to go to China.
Ryan (4:03 PM) :
To surfing Mysites www.haoran.net
Ryan (4:03 PM) :
yes,that’s right~
Ryan (4:03 PM) :
but I want to Canada frist!
Sarie (4:04 PM) :
Canada? It is a very pretty country.
Ryan (4:05 PM) :
In my eyes,Canada is the same for me,like Amercan,right?
Sarie (4:06 PM) :
A little. We are very different in many ways.

Sarie (4:06 PM) :
There are a lot more people in America. I live in California where there is a lot of Chinese.
Ryan (4:07 PM) :
yes,my uncle lived there!
Sarie (4:08 PM) :
Sarie (4:09 PM) :
Do you speak with many Americans?
Ryan (4:09 PM) :
California ,but i don’t konw the particular address !
Ryan (4:10 PM) :
no, cause my pool english!
Sarie (4:10 PM) :
Very cool. Your English is good. I understand what you say. My Chinese is very very poor.
Ryan (4:11 PM) :
You are my first Americans I talked with!
Sarie (4:11 PM) :
Really? Do you see anyone at school?
Ryan (4:12 PM) :
yes ,but we never to talk with them!
Ryan (4:13 PM) :
Cause I don’t konw How to say
Ryan (4:13 PM) :
lot’s of us just to study english ,never use it
Sarie (4:14 PM) :
You have to know english to go to university right?
Sarie (4:15 PM) :
Are you at an internet cafe?
Ryan (4:15 PM) :
yes,everyone to enter the university must be pass the english test!
Sarie (4:15 PM) :
Do you go shopping at the long stretch of stores in Wuhan that have many fancy clothes stores?
Ryan (4:16 PM) :
internet cafe ?

Ryan (4:17 PM) :
you said JIANG HANG LU,yes Lot’s of American to go to there Shopping.

Sarie (4:18 PM) :
Yes, I loved shopping there. Plus there was a Mc Donalds to eat at.
Ryan (4:20 PM) :
To see the people there !
Sarie (4:21 PM) :
What holiday is it?
Sarie (4:22 PM) :
In the picture I mean
Ryan (4:22 PM) :
I don;t konw ,you konw it’s many people in China ~~
Ryan (4:22 PM) :

Sarie (4:22 PM) :
Yes there is a lot of people in china
Ryan (4:22 PM) :
so am i

Sarie (4:24 PM) :
Ryan (4:25 PM) :
it’s a big problem ,and we have no enough jobs!
That’s the reason i wanne live in Canada!
Sarie (4:26 PM) :
China is a very poor country
Sarie (4:28 PM) :
It is very sad. I wish for it to become more rich for the people.
Ryan (4:29 PM) :
Average poor
Ryan (4:29 PM) :
here have lots of rich people!

Sarie (4:30 PM) :
In the big cities.
Ryan (4:31 PM) :
The pressure for us is to big.
Sarie (4:31 PM) :
Well, I must go now. I need to go to sleep. I hope to talk to you again.
Ryan (4:31 PM) :
Ok ,see u,have s good night
Sarie (4:31 PM) :
you too thank you bye bye
Ryan (4:32 PM) :
And I hope to talk to you again!

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